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We connect music in smart ways and build digital nations for the future.

When the music changes,
so does the dance

African proverb

The musical landscape is changing in times of digitalization and globalisation. New opportunities arise when increased connectivity opens up new doors for developing talents and capitalizing on the music of the next generations.

Smart Music Nation consist of an experienced team of top professionals from the music industry who have invented new tools for artists and music makers to cash-in and develop their talents.

Smart music nation

Smart Music Services

Tailor-made solutions to suit the needs of today's and tomorrow's artists.

Music production

Smart Music Nation produces top level artists and we provide hot beats & lyrics from some of the most coveted songwriters.

Distribution services

We deliver music in smart ways throughout the globe, in close collaboration with both global platforms & local specialists.

Live shows & events

Book our artists for your live event or festival. We also propose top-notch event production and outreach lists.

Marketing solutions

We offer release- & launch strategies to increase visibility, engagement and sales.

Legal consulting & strategy

Our team of prominent legal experts and strategy specialists have extensive experience from the music industry.

Publishing & synch

We place music for films, publicity campaigns, video games and more. Reach out to us for more details.

Rights management

We assist rights owners by offering information and rights management services to protect copyrights and collect revenues worldwide.

Financial solutions

Smart Music Nation works with the aim of making their artists financially independent, which includes access to digital banking services.

Influencer opportunities

Many artist and music-makers are trend-setters and have large audiences following them on social media. We enhance that and offer new possibilities.

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